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When asked, "What kind of photography do you do?", my response is never one or three types but my passion lies in people and landscape.

I photograph the world around me and the world is filled with amazing things.

I have my regular clients and then there are times I just have my camera and a desire to photograph what I see before me.

Can I separate my work into a portrait portfolio, a landscape portfolio, or a travel portfolio? Of course I can but where is the fun in that? Peruse through my work and see how I view the world.

Here you will find a fraction of the work I have done in my years as a photographer. Images that stand alone and tell their own story. Whether they were for a client or for fun or for a freelance assignment, they represent my breadth of work.

For work of mine that becomes more of a developed narrative, check out my personal projects section on the main page.
2012-10-11 - Space Shuttle LAX  66