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Client Testimonials 
"Sam is fantastic. Has a great eye and helps you get the best shots out of your shoot. And you're gonna have a good time. Good dude. Great photographer." 
- Jake Olson - Actor

"I recently shot some headshots with Sam and the shoot went fantastic! He gave me everything I could have asked for from a photographer. He has a great eye for capturing "your" look and getting that natural shot. The entire time I felt completely comfortable, relaxed, and confident that the shots would turn out well.

I loved the personal touch too. Instead of just shooting me on a standard backdrop, we searched around until we found one that complemented my look (skin tone, eyes, etc) perfectly. And when you look at the final photos, that's one of those small details that makes a huge difference.

I've already gotten work from these shots and love having them as part of my portfolio. Sam's a great photographer and I definitely recommend him. Whether headshots or any other type of photography, you'll come away with a great experience and some great shots."

- Jesse Grant - Actor


"Sam is hands down the best photographer I know in LA, which says a lot because I feel like there are 13 photographers for every 10 people in LA. I use "best" due to the range he has. Most people specialize in 1-2 types of photography, but Sam shoots everything and takes a lot of creative risks that always pay off successfully such as his "painting with light" series, one of which I am proud to own and it's the crowning piece of decoration in my home. I would recommend him for any photography work no matter how big or small the project." 

- Charlie Nadler - Stand-Up Comedian


"I have produced over 300 projects in my life and I can honestly say the best times have been when Sam's there taking pictures. He's not only an amazing photographer, but he's also a pleasure to work with and super professional. He gets the work done, doesn't need me to hand hold him, he takes the lead on shoots and knows what looks good. He doesn't need direction, but if you give him some he will go above and beyond what's expected. He has an amazing eye and I've never seen the man take a bad picture. I'd recommend him to everyone! :) Keep up the amazing work Sam! Can't wait to work with you again." 

- Leslie Wong - Film Production Coordinator and Producer
"I have known many photographers in my life, but none can hold a candle to Sam. I was lucky enough to accompany him on one of his outings in Topanga, California. To see him in action in a decrepit building that was literally falling around us was nothing short of inspiring. How he painted the walls with different colored lights truly expanded my horizons in the capabilities of photography. 

Seeing his abilities and his portfolio, it was an easy decision to go to him when I needed head shots. I still get compliments to this day from the photos, and people always ask about the man who took them.
Sam is the consummate photographer; his professionalism, honesty and good nature will make your experience both rewarding and entertaining."  
- Matthew Millan - Filmmaker and Documentarian 

"I cannot express how much I recommend Sam as a photographer. I've had to opportunity to be his subject, and to refer him to my family members. 

Sam has always been a dream to work with. He has a great and fun attitude that eases his subjects and creates a safe space to explore. When we're in that space, it's easy to interact with he gets the best shots. His candor and ability to connect makes for a wonderful experience from my side of the lens.

His professional manner and work-ethic are also astounding. He has always been clear in our communications, and he's quick to respond. I've never felt like I was in a place of not knowing what was on the table. He also extends himself beyond, what I think, is expected of a photographer. He is the type of person who will go the extra mile to make sure that the "best" result comes out of the project.

I've really enjoyed my time with Sam, not to mention his eye for detail, and his ability to capture the micro-moments that make the difference between a "good" and an "amazing" project. 

Working with Sam will not be a one-and-done experience. Working with Sam will be an ongoing relationship where you will find that you continue to turn to him as your key photographer."
-  Domanique Alicia - Website Designer and Creative Advisor

"Sam is a truly gifted young photographer. On our wedding day he was there before everyone else and had a beaming smile on his face. He exuded an energy that just put me at ease. I knew me and my future wife were in good hand and that the photos he would deliver us would exceed expectations...and he did!!! Also, for such a big guy he is remarkably stealthy and attained some of the most amazing candid photos I have ever seen. Sam has become our go-to photographer for anything we need, whether it's for our business, parties, or fine art; his versatility as an artist is boundless. We love what you do, Sam! Thank you for everything!" 

-  Rob Veis - Dentist


"Sam is someone who makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera- which is especially good if you're new to the modeling/acting industry. He's very genuine and loves photography and it comes across in his sessions. I had a great time!" 

- Valerie Sasso - Actor


"I had the distinct pleasure of working with Sam in my capacity as his photography/photojournalism professor. He is definitely one of the most creative, intuitive and talented photographers that have come through our program. Attention to detail, and a great eye, you can't go wrong with Sam!"

-David Blumenkrantz - Professor of Photojournalism

"I had an personal shoot with sam where he captured the very essence of what i wanted to express through photography art... i highly recommend him for personal and commercial photography no matter what the scale." 
-  Von Marshall Cannon - The Most Interesting Man in the World


"Shooting Sam's "Sit-n-Sip" project with him was fun. Not only is he amazing with the camera, but it was great getting together and catching up with my old buddy from college. He's a great guy and a great photographer. I would definitely recommend shooting with this fun and young photographer!"

-  Belina Maoli-Larsen - Professional Dancer