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It is common practice across all cultures that the development and continuation of good relationships happens over a glass of wine, a plate of food, or a cup of tea. Regardless of what is imbibed, sitting at a table with food and/or drink sets the tone for many of our relationships.

Sit n' Sip is an ongoing personal photographic project I began in 2010 that explores this dynamic of one-on-one relationships. Everyone featured in this series is in some way connected to my life. Whether it be from my early youth or my adult life, I have connected with past teachers, old friends, mentors, current friends, professional colleagues, family and so on.

The images taken in this project are completely candid and captured in the moment. There is no setup or telling when I will shoot. Humor and good storytelling are at the core of most of these interactions - as I think it is with most people - and as a result, a slew of emotions and expressions come across quite well. Above all else, this project seeks to highlight the natural and relatable connection we have with those closest to us.

Shot entirely with a FujiFilm rangefinder, these images receive very little post processing and are shot in black and white.

I want to thank those that have decided to participate thus far and having faith in the project. Much love and respect to all of you and many thanks to those that will participate in the future.