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Los Angeles has the worst traffic in the nation and more than 44,000 employees travel to and from Century City everyday. Commute 90067 is a free online resource that provides easy to use transportation solutions for employers and employees alike. The Commute 90067 website ( offers flexible commuting options that improve users’ quality of life and productivity, save money, and help to create a better work environment, while also fulfilling corporate social responsibility needs and civic regulation requirements for Century City businesses.


The user-friendly dashboard provides flexible and cost-effective travel alternatives that enhance and simplify the commuter experience by delivering a wide range of commuting options to suit the needs of each individual. Commute 90067 delivers many flexible transit options that commuters can participate in every day or 2-3 times a week—whatever works for them. There is a wide range of options with various modes of alternative transit that cater to each commuter’s schedule, level of comfort, and needs.


Joining is simple and free. By signing up on, commuters can access their own personal travel log, find highly individualized travel methods, find a rideshare partner, log their journeys into and out of Century City and even win great prizes. In a matter of minutes, commuters can log their commutes on the website daily or at the end of the week.


Commuters, retailers and companies in Century City are coming together to join Commute 90067 in improving the community’s traffic congestion and quality of life, while making Century City a more attractive location to conduct business, offering comprehensive and flexible solutions for business community members and enabling them to be compliant with government regulations.


Retailers and restaurants that support Commute 90067’s alternative transit methods will contribute to an organized community-wide effort toward making Century City more attractive to shoppers, tourists and other visitors by mitigating traffic and parking concerns, while benefiting from localized commerce and increased exposure to Century City commuters and visitors.


Commuters who regularly participate in Commute 90067 report an improved quality of life, new friends, more free time, less stress and reduced monthly commuting costs. In fact, a two-person household in Los Angeles can save up to $866 a month by using public transportation, commuters can save up to $400/year on their car insurance rate by participating in a rideshare or vanpool program and they can qualify for the parking cash out ordinance which stipulates that employers who offer parking to their employees offer a cash benefit to those who don’t use it.


Commute 90067 improves Century City, simplifies the commuter experience and makes the ride enjoyable again.




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Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC Backgrounder


An industry leader in providing customized wealth management services and investment advice exclusively to high net worth individuals, families and foundations with $20 million or more in investable assets, Bel Air Investment Advisors LLC (Bel Air) focuses on providing investment advice for close to $6.5 billion in assets for its 250 clients. As an independent investment firm, Bel Air distinguishes itself from the financial conglomerates through its open-architecture investing platform, which allows for a diverse mix of proprietary and external services and strategies.


Bel Air’s founders, Todd Morgan, Reed Halladay and Darell Krasnoff, developed the leading industry practices within the discretionary brokerage and the fee-based private client model while overseeing the wealth management group at Goldman Sachs. Since founding Bel Air over a decade ago, they have continued their pioneering ways in the industry through the establishment of Bel Air’s premier client service model.  


As part of its private client service offering, the firm leverages its numerous relationships with asset managers, both domestically and internationally focused, who complement Bel Air’s financial knowledge and proprietary investment strategies. This affords clients the widest selection and the most appropriate investment and management options.


Bel Air is comprised of leading investment experts, some with over 30 years of investment experience, who have navigated industry fluctuations and diverse market conditions, and have repeatedly proven their ability to cater to specific client needs and preferences, in virtually any situation.  Bel Air advisors’ and experts’ keen understanding, comprehensive knowledge, and integrated experience in the market is key in identifying and selecting the most appropriate investment options for each of their clients’ individual needs and in protecting and preserving the wealth of its clients.


Founded in 1997 as an independent advisory firm catering exclusively to the needs of high net worth clients, the firm sold a majority interest to State Street in 2001, with the intent of developing and expanding their business model nationally, as well as internationally. Shortly after the sale, State Street re-focused on its core business, excluding the individual high net worth wealth management business. As such, the partners of Bel Air re-purchased State Street’s equity and continued as an independent firm. The experience of founding a new firm from selling and reacquiring, and the entrepreneurial spirit accompanying such an endeavor, provides Bel Air with a deeper understanding of clients who either have started their own business or who have undergone a similar event.


Bel Air is 100% employee owned and is comprised of top financial analysts, investment advisors, research professionals, portfolio managers and fixed income and equity traders, affording the firm comprehensive knowledge and understanding of equity, fixed income and alternative asset classes, which translates into broad diversification in asset allocation for the purpose of maximizing returns and protecting assets for each client.


Bel Air believes in corporate social responsibility within the community in which they do business and, as such, takes part in many philanthropic activities as a company, as well as encourages its employees to participate in community organizations and foundations through a matching company gift plan and a volunteer time allocation during normal working hours.  Some examples of foundations and organizations that have benefited from the participation of Bel Air and its employees are the Los Angeles Jewish Federation, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles, New York Hospital, Pasadena Museum of California Art, and more.




Press Release For Triumph Daytona 675R Eslick Edition Motorcycle Announcment

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Riders Discount Racing Provides Parts Identical to Race-Winning Daytona 675R


ATLANTA (June 21, 2014) – Triumph is celebrating its historic Daytona 200 win with Danny Eslick and the #69 Riders Discount Racing team by offering 47 custom motorcycles accessorized for track day riding. Each motorcycle is instantly recognizable with commemorative paint and graphics and features performance accessories that are identical to those used on the race-winning bike.


Available exclusively through Triumph dealers in the United States and Canada, Riders Discount is offering 47 of these custom motorcycles to commemorate each year since Triumph last won the Daytona 200 with Gary Nixon in 1967.


Each 675R Eslick Edition motorcycle is individually numbered, hand signed by Danny Eslick, customized with a combination of Triumph Genuine Accessories and hand selected aftermarket accessories, and comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. The custom paint features the authentic Riders Discount Racing and AMA Pro Road Racing sponsor decals as used on the Daytona 200-winning bike.


Standard accessories include Renthal grips, Attack Performance rear sets, a Gold 520 Chain and Rear Sprocket, Counter Shaft Sprocket, Lower Chain Guard, Red Anodized Chain Adjustment Blocks, Paddock Stand Bobbins, Engine Cover Kit, and Seat Cowl Kit. Triumph Genuine Accessories billet oil filler cap and oil dipstick are pre-drilled to be safety wired for track day and race riding.


Customers also can order an optional Performance Package from Riders Discount that increases horsepower, reduces weight, and further improves handling. The package will include a DynoJet Power Commander V with custom fuel map developed for track use by Riders Discount Racing, an aftermarket intake and exhaust system, and Dunlop DOT race tires as used in the AMA Pro Road Racing’s GoPro Daytona SportBike series.


The optional Performance Package is available only with the purchase of a 2014 Daytona 675R Eslick Edition motorcycle. MSRP and availability will be announced at a later date.


About Triumph

Triumph Motorcycles is the British motorcycle marque that produces a wide range of sport, cruiser, adventure and touring motorcycles. From the storied Bonneville to the class-leading Speed Triple and Daytona 675R, Triumph offers a blend of design, character and performance that results in truly distinctive motorcycles. First established in 1902 and now located in Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, Triumph has always set the pace for category-winning machines. The company is solely owned by Bloor Holdings Ltd., and its North American operations are based in Atlanta. To see the full range of Triumph motorcycles visit



About AMA Pro Road Racing

AMA Pro Road Racing is the premier motorcycle road racing series in North America and is universally regarded as one of the most competitive road racing organizations in the world. The series is comprised of four production-based classes: AMA Pro SuperBike, AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike, AMA Pro SuperSport and the AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson Series. Learn more about AMA Pro Road Racing at





Media Relations Q&A with Reporter for The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride on Behalf of Triumph Motorcycles America

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Quick update on success of DGR for Triumph (you were a major sponsor & rode in it), and what's your involvement in upcoming Hansen Dam Ride?


Triumph signed on as the global sponsor of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride because it is a fantastic organization that fundraises for men’s health and prostrate cancer research while seeking to redefine the paradigm of the motorcyclist in the 21st century. Triumph is the progenitor of the cafe racer and cafe custom culture so obviously we want to continue that legacy and help shape its future.


The 2014 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride was highly successful and raised $1.5 million in 254 cites around the world. That is nothing short of amazing for an organization only three years old.  We are proud to be a part of what Mark Hawwa is doing with the DGR and hope to aid in its success moving forward.   


Currently Triumph has no direct involvement in the Hansen Dam Ride as it is organized by the Southern California Norton Club, but we praise all the British motorcycle riders that take part in the ride, especially those on modern and vintage Triumphs.   


- Attribute quote to Sam Bendall


2) Why does Triumph always appeal to cool celebrities from McQueen to Beckham? Does the Brit element add to the cool?


Well...our motorcycles are the very definition of “cool”! David Beckham is a cool guy and Steve McQueen was the epitome of cool. Celebrities and regular consumers are drawn to Triumph because we managed to get it right with timeless class and design while managing to embrace our deep heritage and incorporate modern performance into our motorcycles. It is a conglomeration of attributes which Triumph has earned over time. It continues to be something we pride ourselves on and consumers naturally and organically gravitate towards.


Triumph has been in a great position for the past couple years as we have seen a resurgence across all demographics. Vintage is cool again and our modern classics, Bonneville, T100, Scrambler, and Thruxton, fantastically mimic our timeless design from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s while incorporating modern technology. The result is a motorcycle that has broad sweeping appeal and has the unique ability to attract riders of all ages.


The Brit element has something to do with the “cool factor”, just look at British influence throughout history. In the automotive sector, the British gave the world such iconic luxury brands like Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Aston Martin. In motorcycling, they gave the world Triumph. The British have always had a way with manifesting class and style in their products.


Attribute quote to Sam Bendall, Public Relations Manager of Triumph Motorcycles America.    



3)What does Triumph offer to the market generally today?


Triumph offers a full range of motorcycles in the urban sport, adventure, cruiser and sport bike markets, but our modern classic reincarnation has been quite successful.  Sales have surged in that segment over the last few years. The Bonneville model lineup currently accounts for 40% of Triumph's sales in North America, and thus makes Triumph the dominant player in the modern classics category. We look forward to what the future brings and are confident our brand will remain appealing to both new and experienced riders.    


Attribute quote to Matt Sheahan, Chief Operating Officer of Triumph Motorcycles America.




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A Brief Overview of the Space Shuttle and STS Lift Off Sequence:


The Space Shuttle began development in the late 1960’s by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) as a venture to create a reusable, low earth orbit, astronaut and cargo transport vehicle. All six Orbital Vehicles were built by Rockwell International in Pasadena, California during the course of the shuttles 30 years of service. Officially and popularly titled “The Space Shuttle” by the press and the populous, NASA’s official name for the program was the “Space Transport System” or STS. The Space Transportation System consisted of three integral components that worked in unison at the time of liftoff to achieve low-earth orbit and transportation into space. These components are the Orbital Vehicle (OV), External Fuel Tank (ET) and twin Solid Rocket Boosters (SRBs).


The STS launches vertically much like a conventional rocket.  The majority of thrust comes at the time of launch from the two Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB’s) working in parallel to propel the shuttle upward. 6.6 seconds prior to launch, the Orbital Vehicle ignites its three onboard engines or Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSME’s). These engines, fueled by a mixture of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, produce 512,000 lbs. of thrust at maximum. The fuel, all 535,000 gallons, are housed in the large orange External Fuel Tank (ET) behind the Orbital Vehicle (OV) which subsequently serves as structural support for the SRB’s and entire STS platform. At T-minus six seconds, the SSME’s ignite and must achieve 90% thrust capability by T- minus three seconds to avoid a launch abort sequence. At T-minus 0 seconds, or the time of launch, the SSME’s are at 100% thrust capability burning 1031 gallons of fuel a second when the SRB’s ignite. The SRB’s utilized a solid fuel mixture referred to as Ammonium Perchlorate Composite Propellant, or APCP, a highly volatile but stable propellant which provide the STS with 81% of its overall thrust into orbit. Producing 2,800,000 pounds of force at the onset of launch, the SRB’s burn for 128 seconds (or to an altitude of 146,000 feet) before detaching and falling back to earth where they are recovered and reused for later missions.


In the final stage of the Space Shuttle’s ascent, the Orbital Vehicle (OV) and External Fuel Tank (ET) are seen flying horizontal or parallel to the earth surface but in fact, the shuttle’s trajectory is elevated and continues to gain altitude with help from the three SSME’s. Eight minutes after launch, the SSME’s are powered down by the computer system onboard the Orbital Vehicle (OV) before jettisoning the External Fuel Tank (ET). Just after this occurs, the smaller Orbiting Maneuvering System (OMS) engages to adjust the OV’s perigee into low earth orbit this preventing it from re-entering the atmosphere.


Once in low earth orbit, the Orbital Vehicle travels at a speed of 17,500 mph, more than 23 times the speed of sound, and orbits the Earth once, every 2 hours. To maneuver the shuttle in the vacuum of space, the Orbital Vehicle (OV) is equipped with numerous thrusters placed strategically around the spacecraft.  Referred to as the Reaction Control System (RCS), these thrusters allow the pilot to control pitch, yaw, and roll motions while in orbit.  This level of control is critical in docking procedures with the International Space Station (ISS), capturing satellites for repair, overall orientation control and altitude control during re-entry.