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Samuel Bendall

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Media Placements / Production Credits

As a public relations professional, photographer, videographer and editor, I have worked to develop cohesive approaches to secure media placements in the mainstream media as well as create original content. Below you will find a few examples of media placements I achieved and content produced within the past two years.



Motorcycle Journalism Articles



Triumph Motorcycles America


Triumph Castrol Rocket Unleashed - Setbacks                                                                            

(Executive Producer)


Triumph Castrol Rocket Unleashed - Microclimate of the Salts                                              

(Producer / Scriptwriter / Editor / Casting)


Triumph Castrol Rocket Unleashed - Rocket III Powered                                                         

(Executive Producer / Assistant Editor)


Triumph Castrol Rocket Unleashed - Wind Tunnel

(Executive Producer / Assistant Editor)



Motorcyclist – 2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XCx and XRx First Ride


The Huffington Post – From Steve McQueen and David Beckham to the Streets of Los Angeles, British Iron Endures


Ultimate Motorcycling - Thruxton Ace Cafe Unveiled - Do Not Have A Chase Car or Automotive Rig, Use Rollerblades


Cycle World - Joe Kopp Returns to Flat Track


Cycle News - Bend It Like...Beckham’s Custom Triumph


Men’s Journal - 2014 Gear Lab Top Picks



The Pollack PR Marketing Group



Client: (Various campaigns)


NY Daily News:





Bel Air Investment Advisors (Thought leadership promotion, quoting, and feature stories)


Wall Street Journal: