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When I embarked upon my first ever adventure motorcycle experience my first thought was not whether or not I would succeed in this new challenges but rather, what would I wear, what would keep me safe?  Safety is of my utmost concern on a motorcycle no matter where I ride. Venturing into the dirt for the first time ever, I knew that I would need gear that would protect me from numerous falls. I began my research and most companies out there offer a ton of great options for keeping you safe and protected but ultimately I find that my decision for choosing a brand boils down to 3 main criteria: Price, Style, and minimal branding.



I inevitably ended up with the Rev’it Sand 2 Jacket and Pant.  A perfect, middle of the road, adventure suit that has removable waterproof and thermal linings and a host of particular features that would ensure its versatility in the California desert. To learn more about the intricate details of the suit, click the links above.


Right off the bat, what I liked most about the Sand 2 was the white on black design, vent locations, strategically placed 3M reflective strips, and minimalistic design elements. I thought for a moment that the white textile fabric would get easily dirty but then I remembered someone saying to me “if you aren’t getting dirty then you’re doing something wrong.”


Sand 2 Jacket - Front and Back

Sand 2 Pant - Front and Back



The Sand 2 jacket fit perfectly as I threw it on for the first time. When I tightened the waist straps it fit better and was comfortably snug where it needed to be. Instantly I could tell this was no cheaply made jacket, it was a bit heavy but still lightweight, the weight I was feeling was from the CE approved shoulder and forearm armor.


The stock back protector felt nice but like most “stock” items that are meant to be upgraded, I swapped it out for the Rev’it Seesoft CE2 back protector. Thicker and more robust, it was noticeably better the minute I put the jacket back on.  


I walked around my house and began to sweat a bit, the internal thermal lining seemed to be doing a proper job in keeping my internal body heat where it needed to be...inside the jacket. I figured this would be a good opportunity to take out the thermal lining and put it back in as it would be something I would need to do on the fly if the weather changed on my trip.  Two zips, three buttons and the liner came out in one swift motion.  It's not rocket science, and as easy as it was to remove, it was just as easy to put back.  My trick, which I'm sure countless other motorcyclist do, is to put on the thermal lining then throw on the jacket, zip the front zips, attach the sleeve buttons and finally, button the collar button.  In all it took less than a minute to accomplish.


I picked up the pants and figured why not try on the whole shebang.  The Sand 2 pants were snug in the waist so and I had to pull them up high and suck in my gut a bit to get them buttoned.  I may have had one too many beers this winter but I attribute it to more of a european cut.  Again...I felt bulletproof.  Knee armor in the right position, hip pads and good movement overall.  The pants felt cozy. No outstanding complaints except for my front pockets were a bit tough to get into as the pants were fitted.  Instead of using them, I utilized the cargo pockets as my "go-to" pant pockets.   


With all my joints and vital areas well guarded the Rev’it Sand 2 looked good and felt good, now would it keep me safe?


My training was to take place over four days at RawHyde Adventures, a BMW Motorrad North America endorsed off-road training center in Southern California. A destination for any new or experienced adventure rider, RawHyde Adventures seamlessly blends together the professional environment of a world class training facility with the luxuries of a weekend vacation.  Surrounded by good people, a talented staff of ride coaches and support staff, I find it difficult for anyone to not enjoy their time at RawHyde.  I came away from my four day experience with a greater knowledge and increased confidence in operating a bike on and off-road, new friends, and an experience I will never forget. To read more about my time at RawHyde Adventures click here.


Moving through the SandPhoto by Bruce Steever Through the MojavePhoto by Bruce Steever




With the exception of a pair of jeans, I practically lived in my Sand 2 outfit for 4 days straight and the entire time I was comfortable.  The temperature over the course of four days ranged from a 40F - 85F (4.5C - 29.5C) with it being cool and crisp in the morning and hot in the middle of the day. I found myself riding for most of the day with my thermal liner and waterproof membrane out of the jacket and pant, only to put them back in after the sun went down.


The front pockets got their fair amount of use holding camera batteries, a GoPro, and of course fruit snacks and trail mix for when I felt a bit peckish.


The placement of the front chest zip vents and arm zip vent were easy to access and made ventilation in warmer climates perfect for regulating core body temperature.  



In terms of taking a beating, the Rev'it Sand 2 held up pretty well over the course of 4 days and 1, 2, 3....20 so odd falls on gravel, sand, hard packed dirt and even ice.  


Some of those "unscheduled dismounts" were pretty epic and others were minor slide outs.  The hardest hits came during practice during the first 2 days.  In attempting to maneuver through a sand pit I lost complete control and was throw to the ground but not before smashing my hip into the handle bars. It hurt but the Sand 2 hip pads did what they were designed to do.


The second most impressive hit occurred on the final day back to base camp when navigating a sheet of ice in the Sequoia National Forest. It is common practice to walk a bike across a sheet of ice when the tires are not outfitted with riding spikes.  I did not know this as a total newbie and proceeded across around 20mph.  I went down hard.  The brunt of the impact was absorbed by my right side.  I fell on my hip quickly followed by my right elbow and knee coming into contact with the hardened ground. My bike nearly slid off a cliff in the process. Happily I was able to hop up unscathed.  The Sand 2 took the punishment sans being a little wet from the slide.

photo 3Surviving the Ice

And For My Next Trick...If you want to know if your product is durable, give it to me. I am the proverbial bull in a china shop...that also happens to be on a motorcycle. - Photo by Alfonse Palaima


RelaxFeeling comfortable is a suit is paramount because we all want to enjoy the ride and especially the view when it presents itself. If You Fall Down...Take a moment and think about what you just did wrong.


Due to the unnatural abuse I dolled out upon this outfit, I am surprised it fared as well as it did. I was sure I would have ripped something or busted a critical seem somewhere but that was not the case. None of the textile panels that make up the jacket or pant tore or ripped. The only damage incurred was to the left side waist strips that give the jacket a more secure fitment to the body. I busted one of the seams in one of my many spills and toward the end of my journey, I managed to break the teeth on the main front zipper. I have no idea how that happened but I think it was because I yanked my zipper down to hard after it got stuck on something.  


In all, it cost me $30 to reattach the side straps and replace the heavy duty YKK zipper. Not bad for beating the living snot out of the suit.



If you are looking for a fully functional, stylish and comfortable adventure suit for warm and cool climates at a price point that will not destroy your wallet, then the Revit Sand 2 is a great investment. Spend the extra cash and get the upgraded back protector too because one can never be too safe. While I don't wear the pants too often because much of my riding is in an urban environment, I do wear the jacket nearly every day as my main commuting jacket. Though it saw ALOT of dirt and muck, the white textile fabric maintains it's brightness and allows me to stay visible in heavy Los Angeles traffic, a must for any rider.  


Bottom line: I love this Jacket and I highly recommend it due to its versatility, style and function in cool and hot climates. The pants, equally comfortable and fantastic when paired with the jacket. I only wish the built in thermal liner offered a bit more insulation for when the temps drop below the 30's.   



Since my adventure training at RawHyde, I took it up a notch and participated in AltRider’s Taste of Dakar in the Nevada/California desert at the end of February. I enjoyed a detailed one day training course with legendary Dakar podium finisher Jimmy Lewis, followed by a one day 180 mile loop with varying terrain. 


From a functionality standpoint, the Sand 2 performed admirably in the warm weather during the Dakar run. During training, I was able to test out how the Sand 2 suit functioned in wet conditions and since half of training was done in the middle of a wild rain storm, I got to see how it felt to ride in a wet suit all day long.  Though it was cold, the thermal liner and membrane liner kept most of the water from getting to my skin.  At the end of the day I had to find a dryer and get my gear sorted out but in all it performed well.  If I were to expect to ride in a downpour on a long journey, I would bump up my purchase to the Rev’it Poseidon GTX.


To read about my experience at the Taste of Dakar, click here. 


So Wet in NevadaPhoto by Alfonse Palaima Orange HandsLee Parks Gloves are some of the best but not really suited for wet conditions. Photo by Alfonse Palaima Slow Speed Maneuvers Photo by Alfonse Palaima Why Not Get A Little More WetIf you are already soaked... Photo by Alfonse Palaima Awaiting My Fellow RidersHeaded out to the lake bed to grab some shots of my fellow riders retuning from the second leg of the trip. - Photo by Alfonse Palaima
My Apparel and Protection for the Taste of Dakar and RawHyde Adventure
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