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What is the f**k is LiveMotoFoto? The answer is the three words themselves as they relate to one another: 
“Live", the insatiable desire to live a life of meaning and substance. To feel and know that what you (or me) is doing in this life is worthwhile. 
“Moto", had someone told me 10 years ago that motorcycles would forever alter the course of my life and root themselves so deeply in my world, I would have look at them quizzically. But that is exactly what happened. If I were to die tomorrow, I would feel complete knowing I had found the one thing that has come to define my life. 
“Foto”, spelled as the Europeans do to retain the four-letter pattern, photography has always been my core manner of artistic and professional expression. I cannot sculpt, I can barely draw, and let us not even mention my ineptitude to play a musical instrument. Photography, the study of light and composition worked it’s way into my life more than 20 years ago, I have devoted my life to mastering the craft. I'm not even close. Visually a singular photograph has the ability to make a profound statement but linking a number of photographs together can also tell a beautiful story without the need for words.      
The three together Live, Moto, Foto, reflect the core philosophy of my work, personality, and profession.
In recent years, my aligning passion for motorcycles, journalism, marketing, writing, and travel have taken over a healthy portion of my portfolio. Throughout my photographic journey my clientele and professional photographic work has encapsulated events, headshot, documentary, product, fashion, wedding, editorial, and commercial photography, but motorcycles and the culture surrounding them have taken hold.  
Photography is a major driving force in my life but it is not my sole means. I've prided myself as being a raconteur and writer. I've been fortunate to have worked as a freelance editor and content creator in the automotive and motorcycle industry across a broad number of outlets. Today I currently work with the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows leading up digital marketing, content production, managing and executing social media strategy. Additionally, I've worked as a certified California Motorcycle Safety Program instructor with the goal of teaching new riders how to properly operate a motorcycle so they can live a long and fruitful life as a safe motorcyclist.
I encourage you to follow me on Instagram @livemotofoto. You are also welcome to check out my profile on Linkedin to see my professional resume and scope out my client recommendations at the link provided.
Total Control Festival Willow Springs! - 358Total Control Festival Willow Springs! - 358

Photos by Zach Iddings. He makes me look really really good. Additional photos by Nicola Antonelli and Joe Bonnello

Motorcycles by friends and super talented builders: British Customs, Ducati, Canyon Motorcycles and Apogee Motorworks