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The Woodsman Makes Me Want to Get Lost In The Woods

August 04, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


Based out in San Jose, California, Blood Brothers Inc. is a small motorcycle company known for their military ammo box mounts for Triumph modern classics just released their first motorcycle build. A swank looking forest hopping machine called “The Woodsman. “

The motorcycle’s new owner (Marcus) made the bold choice to cash-out from the tech world and focus on life's essentials. He relocated his family to Sweden, bought a 400-year old farm and retired from the rat race.


“When Marcus asked us to build him a motorcycle, his story supplied all the inspiration we needed. “The Woodsman” is our first custom build,” said Steve Mummolo, co-owner of Blood Brothers Inc.

“The bike is a blend of grit and grace, this custom scrambler is built to handle the rigors of a working farm while preserving the iconic beauty the Bonneville is known for.”

The guys began with a bone stock 2008 T100, stripped away all but the frame and engine and began to build. They seized the opportunity to collaborate with and showcase a favorite bike of theirs with shops and partners from around the world. 


The Woodsman breaks down like this:

Blood Brothers Inc. Custom Designs:

  • 3 Beam ¼” Aluminum Plate & Headlight Rig
  • Wiring alteration to accommodate headlight, tail light & signal array
  • Quick Release Leather Hatchet mount 
  • Hand Lettered Low Mount Quick release .30 Cal Ammo Can 
  • Hand crafted Aluminum Speedo mount
  • Side Cover Shaping & Screen installation

Partner Contributions:

Photography by Matthew Wardenaar / @omfgitsmateo
Josh Jackson / @calijax
Paulo Lopez / @pauloroid

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