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Flat Tracker Done Right - Mike Zehner's Triumph Bonneville by Mule Motorcycles

August 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


There is no shortage of custom Triumph Bonneville builds out there in the world but Mike Zehner’s flat track inspired bike by Richard Pollack of Mule Motorcycles is simply too good not to showcase. 

In its stock form, the Triumph Bonneville is a bit of a pig. It’s a beautiful bike but it lacks the power and handling of a performance motorcycle. Granted one does not buy a Bonneville for these reasons but it does not mean it cannot achieve these traits after the fact. That is exactly what Mike Zehner sought to do and with the help from renowned motorcycle builder Richard Pollack of Mule Motorcycles. The result is a pavement pounding, dirt chewing, monster of a motorcycle. 


The build began as a stock 2007 Bonneville T100 and first on the chopping block was weight. Accustomed to riding single track and lightweight dirt bikes, Zehner wanted to ensure his everyday ride would emulate his riding style. With this in mind, Pollack was able to knock off almost 100 pounds from the portly classic by adding a lightweight fuel tank made by Fred Muelenhort and a fiberglass single seat cowling. The most noticeable modifications are beefy but lightweight spoked Sun rims running rubber from Maxxis in the rear and Dunlop up front, inverted front forks from an MV Agusta F4, RaceTech Suspension at the rear, recessed Sportster headlight, 2-1 upswept exhaust, and wide flat track bars for added control off-road. 

Zehner’s Bonneville Tracker also features an upgraded 6 piston brakes up front, Mule oil-cooled kit, air box eliminator kit with K&N air filters, a small LED brake light hidden under the rear fender, a small and discreet Acewell gauge and controls from a 2007 Triumph Scrambler to fit the 7/8 inch bar.  

“This bike came out exactly as I had hoped. It handles the urban commute very well and when I get it in my mind to tackle some dirt, I just go,” said Zehner. “My dad owned Triumph’s when I was young so they were some of the first bikes I fell in love with. Now, I have my own that does everything I could ask it to do. It rocks.”

I happen to agree. This bike looks mighty sweet. 

Photos by Errol Colandero (@EL3_Productions) and Jun Song (@nostalgia_memoir)


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