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Alpinestars Launches Oscar Collection at ARCH Motorcycles

October 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

AlpineStars Oscar Collection and Brad Pitt's Custom TriumphAlpineStars Oscar Collection and Brad Pitt's Custom Triumph on display at ARCH Motorcycles

When I get off my motorcycle, the last thing I want to look like is a motorcyclist. The only physical object that should inform others that I am riding a bike is the helmet I am carrying. Otherwise, I want to be able to walk into a bar, attend a meeting, or go out on a date, and be perfectly comfortable and looking fresh and fashionable in my threads.

More and more companies are finally understanding this demand from riders who want protective motorcycle attire without having to actually look like a stereotypical motorcyclist. 

Alpinestars, one of the world's largest motorcycle apparel and technical garment manufacturers, launched their Oscar Collection this week. Held at ARCH Motorcycles in Torrance, CA, the Oscar Collection is a heritage inspired line of protective motorcycle gear and lifestyle attire for 2017. It includes an array of jackets, jeans, and boots with CE protection ratings. Effectively mixing a vintage aesthetic with modern technology.   

In 1963, a leather craftsman by the name of Sante Mazzarolo began producing the first products bearing the Alpinestars moniker. At that time, a new sport called motocross was establishing itself and becoming quite popular across Europe. Very much aware of the sport, Sante realized an opportunity to apply his talents and technical acumen to design a new type of footwear that would meet the protective needs and demands of this beautiful yet brutal form of athleticism.

This is where a rich heritage in motorcycle racing was born for Alpinestars. The company then branched out into road racing in the late seventies and spanned into nearly all disciplines of motorsports from motocross to Formula 1. Though Alpinestars has evolved over the years, the timeless rebel-style of motorcycle racing and the refined Italian aesthetic of the early sixties continue to drive the brand. 

The Oscar Collection is an homage to those beginnings. 

Alpinestars is also launching a new Instagram profile that will center on the Oscar Collection while encouraging motorcyclists to engage with the brand in sharing their own stories and their love for motorcycles with the hashtag: #NiceBikeAlpinestars

On top of showcasing the new Oscar Collection, Alpinestars displayed their current Spring 2017 Men's clothing line which they have been growing with the goal of captivating everything from heritage esthetics all the way to the modern racetrack. 

In addition to featuring great products, Alpinestars featured some truly historic and one-of-a-kind motorcycles including, Roger Decoster personal 1975 Championship winning Suzuki MX Bike. Decoster was also present at the event and was one of the first championship riders for Alpinestars. He was discovered by the founder of the company, Santee Mazzarolo.

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Photos by Sam Bendall


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