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A Final Saturday Bike Ride in the ATL

January 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

My departure from Atlanta is nearing and . I am heading back to the land of sunshine, winding roads, and endless beaches. Im going home to LA. Leaving Atlanta is a bit bittersweet because I was just getting a feel for this awesome southern city. At first, I did not enjoy Atlanta but it began to grow on me. I think that is the case with any big move to a new city.



I came here eight months ago to work for Triumph Motorcycles America to head up their public relations department and on top of numerous duties, I focused on really getting to know the Atlanta motorcycle community as much as possible. I was very fortunate to have met some honest-to-god amazing individuals. I did some great work for a brand I love but nothing was more important than getting to know the local ATL moto-community and those that have become good friends. The last three days however have been particularly special.


My favorite dude is my man Steve West of Silver Piston. He’s practically knows everyone and anyone because he’s an old man that has lived in Atlanta for 10 years but he also makes kick ass jewelry for kick ass people. Our relationship began after a night of drinking...coffee. We both wanted to organize a local bike night so we did in the back space of Octane Coffee and Bar in Grant Park which was welcomed with great success.  Even sweeter, we did it on nearly no budget and in under three weeks. Ballers.


Matt Jones. Met this guy recently and now I'm regretting it. Not really, he’s a great dude. Give him gin and watch the hilarity ensue. Give him a camera and he’ll get some remarkable shots. There are few photographers I will outwardly endorse but Matt is one of those shooters. The man is awesome. Beware of el ceviche.


Brother Moto.  These guys are awesome and purveyors of the old airhead BMW’s. They have excellent taste and I am beyond excited to see their own shop open up in the East Atlanta Village in the next coming months (mid Feb / early April).


The Lady Fingers. These gals are such badasses. I only met them this week and sadly I will not have another opportunity to ride with them until I return back to ATL. Hopefully that moment will come sooner than later.  


Jason Michaels and Leticia Cline. There have been numerous conversations back and forth between the three of us but finally we managed to get together for a ride. Both Leticia and Jason are two of the kindest and down-to-earth folks ever. They also carry fantastic conversations and embody so much of what it means to be a motorcyclist in the 21st century: Intelligent, handy, stylish, and embracing of all who wish to ride on two wheels.


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