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A New Rider in Our Midst

January 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


It's been a bit over a year since I traded in my car for a motorcycle and in that time someone else very close to me that has begun to take an interest in the two wheeled awesomeness that is motorcycling. My lady. She has ridden on the back more times than I can count and I had a silent bet with myself that in time she would either be complacent in being a passenger or want to get on her own beast and learn to ride.  I put my money on the latter and I am damn happy to say I won.  Sometime around November of 2012 she expressed and interest in learning to ride and rightfully so, I was completely chuffed to bits. What man wouldn't be?


This Christmas I did what any good man would do, I bought her a pass to participate in the BRC (Basic Riders Course) through Westside Motorcycle Academy here in LA. This course is perfect for anyone looking to get into motorcycling, especially if you don't have a bike, they provide one for you and teach you all the good things you need to know.


This past weekend my lady took the two day riding course and passed, she obtained her M1 and has become as addicted to riding I have become...well maybe not as addicted as I, I've totally gone off the deep end. I am delighted to say I am very proud of her and her gung-ho attitude and now the world of motorcycling has another rider in their midst.  Better yet they have a woman that is awesome in more ways than one.


Meeting Before Practice My Lady Going Through an Exercise Exercise Wrap Up



My lady's previous helmet was as piece of crap so I made sure she had one that would protect her melon.  Many thanks to Jess at Yellow Devil Gear Exchange for helping with finding one that fit her. She is going to get some serious use out of this thing. 


New Digs


Our next objective is to get her her own bike and the right one too, and I think we found it. A super awesome Honda CL360 that a good friend will be restoring and bringing up to spec. It's gonna look totally retro sick. Look for another post detailing the transformation of this little but amazing starter bike for my lady.


This CL360 will be re-born


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