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Drink Review at The Association

April 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

If you've heard of Cole's and their famous french dips then you are but a step away from The Association, a bar in Downtown Los Angeles that will transport you back in time and make you feel like you are in a 1930's speakeasy where old jazz players strum tunes in the corner while a haze of cigarette smoke hangs in the air.  Unfortunately the latter element has been removed due to state laws but you can regularly find jazz being played on Monday nights.  

Walking into the establishment I head straight for the bar like any self respecting booze-hound. I have had a long day and need a solid old fashion cocktail but with a twist to break the monotony.   The man behind the bar is Anthony Settecase, a bright blue-eyed man in his early 40's with an impressively grown beard and a man that dresses the part.  Wearing a crisp white dress shirt and black vest, he greets me warmly and asks me what I would like.  "Make me a cocktail with Whiskey, something classic but a little different." Upon finishing my sentence he turns and begins to prepare me my drink.  Moving with mastery and grace I begin to ask Anthony about his background. A musician at heart and a product of Chicago, he learned his craft the old fashion way, by learning over time and being around passionate people.  A pour and a strain later I am looking at a finely crafted cocktail on a napkin directly in front of me.

Before I pick up any glass I like to appreciate its construction and inspect the color as the ingrdediants move subtly within its container. it was a beautiful rich mahogany garnished with a orange peel.    I moved the glass to my lips to partake by taking the littlest little sip.  Right off the bat I can tell that the whiskey used was a fine Rye, smooth yet spicy, a trademark attribute of any Rye whiskey. As the libation passed over my palate I began to notice an added level of sweetness and complexity. It tasted like an old fashioned but there was a little extra something to it.  It was the apple brandy taming the rye.  I asked Anthony, “What is this drink called?” He replied, “The American Trilogy”.  Needless to say I enjoyed two more because three’s a charm and something that is a variation on an old classic is simply delicious.

Written while slightly inebriated with gusto and glee.


The American Trilogy

Build in a Rocks Glass

Muddle one sugar cube

Add 3-4 dashes of Orange Bitters

One measure Rye Whiskey

One Measure Apple Brandy

One Big Ice Cube


Garnish with an Orange Peel


Photo taken in near darkness with light painting techniques

The American Trilogy - The Association


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